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We are currently offering Stickers and T-shirts for Sale with the Bernie Party logo on them as a fundraiser to build the resources to continue the Bernie Movement forever into the future.

To Purchase go to this link:


BerniePartyLogoLavender  IMG_7395Small

The Stickers are 3″ circles and are great for Bumpers and any other location. The cost is 1 for $2, and 3 for $5. Also for those who want to order bulk, we offer the option for 15 stickers for $20. All prices include basic 1st class shipping. Stickers will be delivered within one week.




T-Shirts are $35 and come in Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large. Please leave about 3 weeks for T-shirt order deliveries, so we are able to bundle as many as possible together. This price includes basic 1st class shipping. Thanks for your understanding.

Custom Orders are not a problem, just list the details when you sign up. All Sticker and T-shirt purchasing are considered Political Donations and all FEC regulations apply.


Purchase Link: