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About the Bernie Party Network

The Bernie Party Network is a Network of Networks and Organizations, as well as individual members who are the support staff and volunteers working to make the Bernie Party Possible.  In no way to we claim ownership or control of the Bernie Party itself, and instead we simply function as a means to allow everyone to participate in the Bernie Party collectively together.

Overtime as we collectively work together, we can institute the policies and structures that will govern the Bernie Party itself, but as we start off, we are simply one Network of many that exist within the movement, and we have the tools, structures, systems, methods, and passion to unite the movement into a political force for change, and our proposal for that goal is the Bernie Party.

Please Join Us in supporting this vision and contribute with resources of time or funds to help make this a reality. If we act now and build a decentralized network of empowered and funded Bernie groups at the local level, our movement will be unstoppable forever into the future.

The Bernie Party Network does NOT come out of nothing, it is being created by a long lineage of organizers and grassroots activists who have built the political systems, and organizational methodologies to make such a vision possible. We currently are utilizing structures and decision making methods build and created by Bernie Movement SF Mid Peninsula 4 Bernie which has also been a collaboration together with the CommUnity Network. The CommUnity Network works to put “Unity” back into Community, and the Unity Network with the goal of uniting all peoples and social movement of the world for total societal transformation. You can find out more about the work we are doing at the following links:


The CommUnity Network also can help anyone set up any type of organization structure as a service to both local as well as regional, state, and national groups that want to create organizations with budgets and legal decision making processes. For more information about sponsorship and organizational support you can visit: