Call To Action!
Bernie Party

Dear Bernie Supporters and Organizers,

We are putting out a Call to Action to all Bernie Groups to continue to organize After the Election (hopefully in November). Instead of ending, or simply becoming part of some top down campaign like Obama’s Change, or Howards Democracy for America, we challenge all Bernie Groups to become established local political organizations and to also join the Bernie Party simply by appointing or electing a representative from your Bernie Group. All Bernie groups, both physical, digital and everywhere in-between are welcome to join the Bernie Party.

The vision is for the Bernie Party to become the answer to the Tea Party that never happened. We do NOT need to become a formalized organization like other failed third parties, instead we are proposing a network of local and grassroots Bernie Groups from everywhere, and we can affect change from within all of the existing political parties working collaboratively with them as well as externally through our own new creative structures.

We are creating an infrastructure with open systems of organizing, where the Membership is directly empowered, NOT insider elite politicians, or Top Down bureaucratic hierarchys that are easily corruptible. We will functioning utilizing representative, direct, and participatory democracy to ensure that everyone’s voice is herd and we make collaboratory decisions that involve all our membership and all of the people and groups involved. In that light, you are welcome to vote here on our first voting form to help us define the founding characteristics of the Bernie Party. 1st Voting Form:

For more information about our vision and to Join the Bernie Party as an individual empowered voting member, or as a representative of your Bernie Group, please see our new website at:

We are brand new group, and this is our first day of outreach, so Please spread the word and lets keep our momentum going and get organized for a long-term revolution that is Unstoppable!

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Feelin the Bern Forever!


Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera
PO Box 20175
Stanford CA 94309