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Together we can create a LONG-Term Political Force for change, simply by connecting the Bernie Movement to build an organized political force for change. We are proposing the Bernie Party and the Bernie Party Network as an option for that answer.

We are making a Call to Action for ALL Bernie Groups to continue beyond this election, and to appoint or elect a Representative to the Bernie Party, to build a Network that can be a long-term force for Political Change.

Our vision for the Bernie Party is that it stands for MUCH more than Bernie himself, and that using the name Bernie at this point has evolved to a meme in and of its own as a symbol for equality and leveling the playing field for the average person so we can get the government back to all of the People. So in that context the Bernie Party can finally organize in the same way as the “Tea Party” did, a secondary or subsidiary party, we we do not have to be held down within the confines of an actual political party organization with rules and limitations. Instead we exist as a force within the existing parties, and a vast network of local and regional groups. And because the Bernie Movement is non-partisan we can extend our reach beyond the Democrats and into independents and even Republicans who support Bernie.

Instead of local group ending, or just pledging allegiance to a single centralized campaign that stops after the campaign ends, we are encouraging every single Bernie Group everywhere to continue to exist after the election (hopefully in November), and to appoint or elect at least one representative to the Bernie Party. Our goal is to support all of these Bernie Groups through distributive budgeting and build a massive network of empowered local organizations. Together we will be unstoppable.

In the vision of grassroots empowerment and real democracy, we are structuring our model of a Political Party as a dispersed network of individual Members and representative local groups as opposed to a top down centralized individual organization. In this way we will be much more powerful to influence political policies from the local to the national level and beyond. In that intention of grassroots empowered participation, we invite you to be involved in our first round of online voting and to join us as empowered members of the Bernie Party.  Link to 1st Round of Voting: